Woman and her Pooping Pig Escorted from US Airways Flight


As it turns out, pigs not only can’t fly but also don’t want to. 

A woman boarded a US Airways flight in Hartford, Connecticut, with her emotional support pig. The 80-pound service animal promptly began squealing, running up and down the aisle and defecating all over the floor.

Rob Phelps, 65, who was on the flight Wednesday, noted the pig squealed “three times louder than a child.”

“It was ridiculous,” he added. “It started to smell, and flight attendants told her to clean the mess up.”

Phelps said the other passengers were stunned by the pig’s presence.

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“There was instant silence," Phelps continued. "There was a mixture of controllable laughter and shock. You couldn't write this. I have seen dogs and cats in cages on a plane - but never a pig.”

He added: “This was not a small pig. When she held it over her shoulder it reached her waist ... I don't even know how it got through. You have the TSA and intense security and yet it still was let on board.”

University of Massachusetts-Amherst Professor Jonathan Skolnik was supposed to sit next to the woman on the flight. "Oh my Lord, where is she going to put that animal," Skolnik wrote. "I am burying my face in my sweater to hide from the stench. ... Now I, who dreads a dog coming too close, am contemplating an hour next to a big pig on the lap of my fellow [passenger]."

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Pot-bellied pigs, like dogs, miniature horses and monkeys, are allowed on flights as emotional support animals. Support pigs are often an alternative for those who need a service animal, but are allergic to dogs.

A spokesperson for American Airlines, which owns US Airways, said the woman and her pig left the flight after it became “disruptive.” Phelps reported that the woman called the pig a “jerk” after it was uncooperative. 

Sources: Hartford Courant, Daily Mail / Image via Rob Phelps


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