Disabled 13-Year-Old Allegedly Killed By Mom Who Put Alcohol In His IV


A 38-year-old Vermont woman and her boyfriend have been charged with murder after it was discovered that they put alcohol in their 13-year-old disabled son’s IV tube.

Melissa Robitille and her boyfriend, 38-year-old Walter Richter III, were charged with second-degree murder for the death of Melissa’s 13-year-old son Isaac. Isaac, who depended on caretakers due to the severity of his multiple disabilities, was found in an autopsy to have a blood alcohol level of 0.146, which is twice the legal limit for operating a vehicle.

Isaac was hooked up to an IV, and according to reports, Robitille and Richter put alcohol into his tube, which, as noted in the autopsy report, was a contributing factor to his death. The exact cause of the boy’s death was a brain abnormality that he had.

As of Wednesday, a Vermont State Police report said that Robitille and Richter were being held at Northeast Regional Correctional Facility on $500,000 bail each. They are reportedly scheduled to be arraigned on Wednesday afternoon.

Sources: Penn Live, ABC News, WCAX


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