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Woman Alleges She Stabbed Husband Because He Called Out Another Name During Sex

A Florida woman claims she stabbed her husband of ten years because he called out another woman’s name while they were having sex.

Christina Balazi, 39, was arrested Oct. 1 and charged with first degree attempted murder and fleeing the scene of a crime, Inquisitr reported.

According to her husband Chris Balazi, she pulled a sheet over his head while they were in bed together. He then felt a series of sharp pains in his chest and head.

When he removed the sheet, he saw Mrs. Balazi holding a kitchen knife over him, he told police. Police say Mr. Balazi was stabbed around seven times, the Sun Sentinel reported.

Mr. Balazi was able to free himself and ran downstairs with his wife in close pursuit.

“I’m tired of this,” she is accused of yelling, the Post reported.

Mrs. Balazi then fled the scene, triggering a chase of several minutes by the police. At one point, they demanded that she pull over. When police finally detained her, they found blood on her clothes and she admitted to stabbing her husband.

Mr. Balazi was treated for non-life threatening injuries at St. Mary’s Medical Center, where he spoke with police. He said that his wife suffers from bipolar disorder.

Mrs. Balazi has already been arrested once this year, when she admitted to being involved in stealing jewelry and credit cards from a house where she worked as a maid. The theft also involved another co-worker. Mrs. Balazi was released on probation for five years.

Following Mrs. Balazi’s first court appearance on the attempted murder charge, Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Caroline Shepherd imposed a bond of $105,000 Oct. 2. The date of her next court appearance was not reported.

Sources: Palm Beach Post, Inquisitr, Sun Sentinel/ photo credit: Palm Beach Post


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