Ohio Woman Allegedly Tried To Sell Her Baby For $500

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Elizabeth Gayton, 25, of Cleveland allegedly tried to sell her 10-month-old daughter to a family member. 

The mother of four reportedly wanted $500 in exchange for her baby.

According to arrest warrants, Gayton and the child’s father, Corryaune Paige, 27, took the baby to a relative's house and tried to sell her. The family member refused, and the couple left with the baby. Gayton tried to sell her daughter to the same relative again the next day, and the family member called police.

After arresting Gayton, investigators discovered she had abandoned another child on April 25. Gayton left the 2-year-old with someone she met the day before.

Paige allegedly threatened to stab Gayton and kill their daughter. He hasn’t yet been arrested but is charged with kidnapping and endangering children. He was previously convicted of vandalism, failure to obey a police order, drug possession and trafficking. 

Gayton has also been charged with kidnapping and endangering children, and is being held on $25,000 bond. She plead guilty to assault in 2008.

Mary Louise Madigan, spokeswoman for Cuyahoga County Children & Family Services, said her department is trying to ensure the safety of Gayton’s children, each of whom has a different father.

Sources: Cleveland.com, Fox 8 Cleveland / Image via Cleveland.com


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