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Woman Suffers Hole In Nose After Man Shoots Her With Airsoft Rifle (Video)

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A California woman found herself the victim of a shooting after an unknown assailant allegedly shot her in the face with an airsoft assault rifle on Friday.

Sarah Jane LaForge, 21, was in the parking lot of Baker’s Drive-Thru in Riverside, California, when somebody fired upon her with the gun, according to ABC News.

“I felt like I got punched in the nose like three times,” Sarah told ABC News (video below). “I didn’t really know what to think. I honestly just covered my nose, and when I pulled my hand back, my whole hand was just covered in blood.”

The incident left a gaping hole in the woman’s nose.

Sarah had been removing her 2-month-old baby from her car when the incident occurred.

"If I moved even one little inch, it could have hit him in the head and that's what terrified me," Sarah said.

According to her father, Jeffrey LaForge, two men had been shooting airsoft guns from a house across the street moments earlier.

"It ripped through the trees and smacked her in the face before I could even tell her what was going on," Jeffrey said.

The alleged shooter approached the two to apologize for his actions. However, he then reportedly fled the scene.

"As soon as he found out we were calling the cops, he just took off on his bike down the street," Sarah said.

Investigators at the Riverside Police Department were unable to find the weapon due to the fact that the homeowner did not allow them to enter the home at any point. This left the LaForge family frustrated.

"Shots were fired from this address,” Jeffrey said. “How can you not search that entire address? How can you not enter every room to find a weapon?"

Source: YouTube, ABC

Photo Credit: ABC


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