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Woman Who Was 'Very Mad' At Ex-Boyfriend Allegedly Burned Down His Home

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Law enforcement officials arrested a Milwaukee woman for allegedly setting a house on fire in an act of revenge on September 7, 2014.

Roneshia North, 26, stands accused and charged with two counts of first-degree reckless endangerment as well as arson of a building without an owner’s consent, Fox 6 Now reported.

According to a criminal complaint against North, she was the ex-girlfriend of the homeowner.

Reports also indicate that she and the homeowner got into an argument on September 6 at a bar. The two along with others involved in the verbal altercation were eventually kicked out of the establishment.

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(Roneshia North)

According to the homeowner, he was headed home when he saw North’s car coming out of the same street his home was on. As he followed her, he received a text message informing him that his home was ablaze.

By the time he called emergency officials and arrived home, he discovered his home was entirely on fire.

North was later pulled over on the highway. When the deputy asked her what she was doing at her ex-boyfriend’s house, she reportedly said “she had no idea what he was talking about.”

A friend of hers would later reveal to officials that he and North were at the ex-boyfriend’s home. After checking to see if anyone was at the house, North allegedly made her way to a shed on the property while wielding a blue plastic lighter. The friend added that North then set some paper material on fire inside of the shed before driving away.

The shed was allegedly on fire while they drove away.

According to law enforcement officials, North’s accounts of her actions that night have been inconsistent.

North claimed that the friend with her at the house had set the fire, not her.

She eventually admitted to knowing that the shed was on fire and that she did not attempt to put the blaze out or contact emergency officials.

According to another friend of North’s, the woman was “very mad at her ex-boyfriend because he was at the bar with another girl.” The friend added that North wanted to go to the ex-boyfriend’s house to “see it burn.”

No one was injured in the blaze.

Firefighters were able to quell the fire. However, the home had severe damage inflicted upon it.

A hearing for North has been scheduled for August 21 in Washington County court.

Upon hearing the news, many took to Facebook to voice their comments and concerns regarding the incident.

“Because that’s going to make him want you even more,” wrote one user.

“This is a learned and fantasized behavior,” another user wrote. “Whe’s heard of what other woman have done to their ex’s. Hell knows no fury as a woman scorned.”

Source: FOX, Facebook

Photo Credit: FOX, Wikimedia Commons


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