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Boynton Beach Police Officer Allegedly Raped Woman At Traffic Stop

A 20-year-old Florida woman who says she was raped by a Boynton Beach police officer has filed a lawsuit against the city. 

The woman, who has not been named by news agencies, claims the city was indifferent to her safety by allowing officer Stephen Maiorino to stay on the police force. 

The Palm Beach Post reports the woman’s attorney, Jack Scarola, filed the suit against the city Nov. 19. 

Maiorino was arrested Oct. 20 after the woman claimed he raped her following a traffic stop in which the woman’s male companion was arrested for DUI, effectively leaving her stranded on the side of the road. 

Court documents indicate that Maiorino did not participate in the Oct. 15 traffic stop but showed up at the scene to transport the alleged victim back to police headquarters so someone could give her a ride home. 

According to Courthouse News Service, court documents indicate Maiorino then forced the woman, “to perform oral sex on him, threatening to arrest her if she did not.”

The alleged victim is identified in court documents by the initials C.M.

“C.M. submitted to this demand solely out of fear,” the complaint asserts. 

The complaint goes on to claim that the officer then took C.M. to a secluded spot and raped her at gunpoint on the hood of his patrol car. 

He then allegedly told her not to tell anyone about the incident or he would kill her. 

But six hours later she reported the assault and took investigators to the place where she said the rape occurred. 

The Sun-Sentinel reports investigators found the woman’s DNA on a condom and condom wrapper recovered at the scene. They also reportedly found her DNA on a pair of Maiorino’s underwear. 

The officer was placed on administrative leave and the Boynton Beach Police Department says he will be fired. 

Maiorino has been charged with armed sexual battery, kidnapping and unlawful compensation or reward for official behavior.

In the woman’s civil lawsuit against the city, she claims investigations into Maiorino’s personnel file indicate that he had a history of violating department policy and was a threat to citizens. 

The police department “displayed deliberate indifference to the rights of C.M. by knowingly permitting Maiorino to remain alone with her long enough to commit his crimes,” the complaint reads. 

The woman is seeking damages in excess of $15,000. 

Representatives from the Boynton Beach Police Department declined to comment on the pending litigation. 

Sources: Palm Beach PostCourthouse News ServiceSun-Sentinel / Photo Credit: Palm Beach Post, TruTv/New York Daily News


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