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Woman Arrested After Allegedly Using Dating Site To Rob, Shoot Man


Police arrested a Houston woman after she allegedly lured a man to an apartment complex through a dating website before shooting him.

Brittany Shalynn Davis, 18, has been charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon for her alleged actions, ABC 13 reported. She allegedly coerced the man to come to the apartment complex through the website “Plenty of Fish," according to court documents.

The man arrived at the apartment complex on Monday, June 29. According to the victim, while the two were talking, Davis made a phone call informing the person on the other end of where the two were. Soon, two light-skinned black men armed with handguns came upon the man. They allegedly demanded that he give them money.

However, after searching him, they reportedly did not find anything of value and got into a heated argument with Davis. The men then walked the victim to his vehicle, but when he turned around to confront one of them, he was shot in the chest.

The victim told police that he played dead on the ground while the other three fled the scene. He then called 911 and drove himself down a road until he had to stop. Medical officials discovered him a while later, wounded but alive.

The man later identified Davis through a police lineup. She has since been arrested and her bail has been set at $30,000.

Source: The Daily Mail, ABC

Photo Credit: ABC


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