Woman Allegedly Hired Boyfriend, Three Accomplices To Kill Her Parents


The father of a girl who hired hitmen to kill her parents testified in Canadian court on Wednesday.

The man, Hann Pan, recalled his wife begging the hitmen not to hurt her daughter prior to being shot. Little did his wife, Bich Ha Pan, know the men had been hired by her daughter to kill her.

“You can hurt us but please don’t hurt my daughter,” Pan recalls his wife saying.

Prosecutors allege Jennifer Pan, 27, hired her boyfriend Danny Wong and three other men to kill her parents. She reportedly offered to pay them $10,000 in exchange for her parents' lives. Jennifer Pan was allegedly angry at her parents after they told her she needed to either break up with her boyfriend and return to school or leave their home forever. Pan had been lying to her parents for years about going to school when she was actually living with her boyfriend.

"I was very upset because all our effort was to help her attend school and she was not," Hann Pan told prosecutors. "I told her to cease the relationship with Danny Wong or wait until I'm dead."

Jennifer Pan then paid Wong and three acquaintances $10,000 to carry out a staged home invasion in which they would kill her parents. The men fatally shot mother Bich Ha Pan and shot father Hann Pan twice. Hann Pan managed to survive the shootings.

Hann Pan recalled being taken to a sofa alongside his wife and being shot. He lost consciousness after being shot; his wife was dead when he awoke. 

“I shook my wife and realized my wife had no movement,” he said. He later recalled hearing his daughter and the hitmen speak amicably, “like friends” during the invasion.

Jennifer Pan, Danny Wong, and the three accomplices are all facing charges of first-degree murder, attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Sources: The Star, CBC


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