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Woman Adopts Shelter Dog, Posts Ad For It An Hour Later On Craigslist

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Animal lovers became outraged when a Jack Russell Terrier that was adopted from the Hawaiian Humane Center appeared for sale on Craigslist only an hour later, prompting the return of the dog to the shelter.

The 10-year-old dog, Sally Mae, was adopted out after the organization made a video of her and posted it on YouTube. The humane center also posted a picture of Sally Mae with her new owner on their Facebook page.

"We got notices from our fans on Facebook only an hour or two after the adoption, saying that a woman has posted a Craigslist ad, wearing the same clothes as the woman in our Facebook post," Jacque Vaughn, community relations director at the Hawaiian Humane Society, said.

The Craigslist ad was titled “Jack Russell” and claimed that a 5-year-old dog (Sally Mae is actually 10) had to be sold because the owner and her boyfriend were too busy with work to take care of her. The ad asked $200 for Sally Mae, though the couple had bought her for only $85. The time stamp on the ad proved it had been posted just an hour after the dog was adopted.

Though the ad was later removed from Craigslist, Facebook fans of the shelter took a screenshot and uploaded it to Reddit.

Even though the act has caused an uproar among shelter supporters and animal lovers, Vaughn admitted that rehoming a pet isn’t illegal. However, the case is extremely rare and has only occurred at the shelter two or three times in the past 10 years.

Vaughn said she was amazed that dog lovers were able to connect the original adoption to the Craigslist ad and bring it to the shelter’s attention.

As of Wednesday, Sally Mae was returned to the shelter and adopted by a new family.

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