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Woman Assaults Strangers Because They're White

A 32-year-old woman reportedly admitted to assaulting two women on the same day because they were white and walking around in her “black neighborhood.”

Ebony Steward, who is from St. Paul, Minnesota, faces two felony charges after police were called in to deal with two separate violence incidences involving the woman, reports KMSP-TV.

On Nov. 14 at around 2 p.m., a woman reportedly called cops and complained that she had been punched in the left eye by a woman she didn’t know as she exited a nail salon. The victim says she didn’t know why the suspect, identified as Steward, hit her so hard that she was left with swelling and bruising.

Police say they found Steward still at the crime scene and that the woman admitted she didn’t know the Caucasian victim, but that she doesn’t like it when “bitches” are in her way. She reportedly added that the woman was “strutting her ass around and her boyfriend as in the area” and that she doesn’t like light-skinned people.

It’s unclear why, but police did not arrest Steward after this incident and simply instructed her to leave the scene.

Unfortunately, that episode didn’t teach Steward a lesson. Just a short time later, police were called again about a confrontation that took place just down the street from the nail salon and that involved Steward pulling a Caucasian woman to the ground in a parking lot and punching her in the back of the neck and head.

The victim reportedly said she didn’t know Steward and that she was exiting JJ’s Fish and Chicken when she was attacked.

Police arrested Steward. As they were taking her to the Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center, cops say the suspect repeatedly confessed to hating white people and said she hit the second woman because she was a “white girl in the hood.” She also reportedly said that “she was trying to help the white girl because she would probably come across someone who knew how to punch better or someone who might kill her.”

Steward reportedly admitted to both assaults and said she had anger management problems. She has been convicted of assault twice before in this year alone and reportedly has four assault convictions from 2005 to 2007.

Source: KMSP-TV/Photo Credit: KMSP-TV, JordanDelion/Flickr


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