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Man Arrested After Allegedly Raping Woman He Met On Tinder Dating App

A 28-year-old Oklahoma City man allegedly raped a woman he met via the dating app Tinder, police say.

The woman told police that Ivan Kindlan invited her back to his apartment after they met at a local bar for drinks Oct. 3, News 9 reported. She said she first contacted Kindlan five days earlier via Tinder.

The woman explained how the pair spent approximately an hour and a half at Hawaiian Don’s bar. She alleges Kindlan had two drinks and became very intoxicated.

After Kindlan drove back to his apartment, he persuaded her to come in so he could show her around, according to the woman.

But when they got inside, Kindlan became physically violent, the woman told authorities. Although she said “no” several times, he allegedly forced her on to his bed and sexually assaulted her.

“She said she tried to leave, he began assaulting her, forced her into a situation she didn't want to be in and that was at the point where she was sexually assaulted,” said Gary Knight from the Oklahoma City Police Department, OKC Fox reported.

The woman managed to escape from the property. After speaking with friends, they advised her to call the police, News 9 reported.

She met police at a gas station just after 2 a.m on Oct. 4 and led them to Kindlan’s residence, where officers took him into custody.

“It's just make sure you know who you're dealing with before you go meet somebody alone or go to their residence alone," Knight added. "And that would apply to anybody dating, whether it's a website or otherwise."

This advice was not welcomed by Stacey Wright, a rape awareness campaigner from Yes All Daughters, who said the comment amounted to victim blaming.

Wright told OKC Fox that rapists can frequently be people the victim knows well, and noted that rape statistics in Oklahoma City are particularly high.

“We live in an online world now so this is obviously going to be one more place for a rapist to hunt for victims,” Wright added.

Kindlan faces a charge of first degree rape.

Sources: OKC Fox, News 9 / Photo credit: News 9, Pixabay Creative Commons


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