Woman Accuses DEA of Assault During Raid on Sister's Business (Video)

Drug Enforcement Agents (DEA) recently raided a small business in Alpine, Texas, and allegedly assaulted a woman whose sister owns the company.

Last Wednesday, the DEA and the U.S. Customs Border Protection Agency mounted a search of synthetic drugs in 29 states, which included the Purple Zone in Alpine.

"The only information that I could get was (the DEA agents) were looking for some type of document," Purple Zone owner, Ilana Lipsen, told News West 9 (video below).

"I said, 'Well, could you please tell me what kind of document that you're looking for and I can help you?' But they wouldn't give me any information," added Lipsen.

Lipsen claims her sister was talking to a DEA agent on the sidewalk when another agent told her to leave.

Lipsen says her sister responded by stating, "What are you going to do, shoot me?"

"He grabbed her by the shoulders and started roughhousing her," said Lipsen. "My sister has never been arrested, has never had any other problems and she was terrified."

"He took his foot and tripped her to get her off of her feet and have her down to the ground," added Lipsen. "One of her feet came flying up and accidentally hit him in the shin. At that time he started saying, 'Well now you're assaulting a police officer.' And he started attacking her more. He took the butt of his M-16 rifle and smashed it into her neck,"

"She was yelling, 'Get off of me. You're hurting me. You're choking me.' He had his hand around her neck as he was holding her face into the ground of the neighbor's property."

The DEA claims these allegations are false, but a neighbor photographed the raid and the injury to Lipsen's sister (pictured above).

Brewster County District Attorney Rod Ponton recently said in a statement:

When occupants refused entry to agents in possession of a valid warrant, the door was broken down, during which action one agent received an accidental cut, which resulted in the blood at the scene. Ariel Lipsen was arrested for assaulting one of the agents. Neither she nor any person involved was '"beaten with the butt of an M-16", or assaulted in any manner.

Ponton added that Ilana and her mother Rosa Lipsen are going to stand trial for prior charges of controlled substances in a drug free zone.

According to BigBendNow.com, Ilana and Rosa Lipsen were indicted in 2013 for manufacturing, delivering, and possessing a synthetic cannabinoid, “Spice,” which was banned in Texas back in 2011 and nationwide in 2012.

Sources: News West 9 and BigBendNow.com


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