Woman Accused of Stealing from Walmart, Leaving in Store's Motorized Wheelchair

Shirley Mason is accused of stealing from a Walmart in Fruitport Township, Mich., and trying to make a getaway in the store's motorized wheelchair on Sept. 8.

Mason reportedly rode the motorized wheelchair, worth $1,200, nearly two miles before police caught her with several bags full of stolen goods worth $600.

Mason, who has an outstanding warrant, was charged with second-degree retail fraud and organized retail crime.

A Walmart customer witnessed Mason leaving the Walmart parking lot on the motorized wheelchair, noted the Muskegon Chronicle.

Mason reportedly told police officers that she took the motorized wheelchair "because she didn't feel like walking."

Mason told police that she paid for the bags of clothing found with her on the motorized wheelchair, but didn't have any proof of her purchase, reported the New York Daily News.

Mason and an unidentified man who was with her both had outstanding warrants, said police.

Sources: New York Daily News, Muskegon Chronicle (Image Credit: Muskegon County Jail Media Handout)


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