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Woman Accused Of Stealing Ex-Boyfriend's Sperm To Get Pregnant

A trial began in Texas on Tuesday over a woman who allegedly impregnated herself using her ex-boyfriend’s frozen sperm without his consent, the Daily Mail reports.

Layne Hardin has accused his ex, Tobie Devall, of stealing his sperm from a fertility bank in 2011 without informing him and using it to have a son.

The intricacies of the case began approximately 13 years ago.

In 2002, Hardin decided to have a vasectomy. He and his domestic partner at the time, Katherine LeBlanc, stored seven vials of his sperm at a fertility clinic in Texas, now named Texas Andrology Services, in case LeBlanc ever wanted to have another child, according to the lawsuit.

Hardin surrendered control of the sperm samples to LeBlanc, in the event that the couple split up, which they did in 2006.

The man began dating Devall shortly after the breakup. In 2008, Hardin says that the couple went to a fertility clinic to explore their options and decide if they wanted to have a child together. They decided against it, but Devall found out that he had sperm frozen in the nearby bank.

In November 2008, Devall withdrew two of those sperm vials and became pregannt. She gave birth in 2010.

Devall says that Hardin knew of her plans and consented.

The ex-boyfriend tells a completely different story: she stole those sperm samples and got pregnant as a form of revenge for their split, Hardin says.

Texas Andrology Services’ legal team stated that Hardin never informed the clinic that he did not want Devall to have his sperm after they entered the clinic together. Hardin’s attorney, however, maintains that his client should not have had to worry about his sperm falling into the wrong hands.

“There are more security checks in place for me going and buying alcohol at a gas station than there were for her to receive a man's DNA and the building blocks of life,” his attorney said.

Hardin said that he has spent more than $50,000 fighting court cases over his and Devall’s 5-year-old son, whom he has never met.

“One day we are going to run into each other, and what do we say?” Hardin said. “Do I recognize him? Will he recognize me?”

Sources: Daily Mail, ABC
Photo Credit: MissMandarina/Deviantart


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