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Woman Accused Of Smuggling Drugs Into Jail Inside Bible

A 24-year-old South Carolina woman has been detained by police after allegedly attempting to smuggle drugs into a local prison inside a Bible.

Monika Marie Ryans was visiting an unnamed inmate at the facility on Friday afternoon when she brought the Bible, and requested that guards drop it off for the inmate. But officers became suspicious when they noticed that the book didn’t look right.

An x-ray revealed plant material in the book’s binding, according to Fox Carolina.

A deputy then opened the Bible and discovered three marijuana cigarettes and loose tobacco concealed in the book’s binding.

A piece of paper was also found inside on which Ryans’ name was written.

Union County Sheriff David Taylor praised the officers involved “for quick thinking and thorough inspection,” Fox Carolina reported.

When Ryans returned to the jail Sunday, officers arrested her. Police said she was spotted hiding in a car in the parking lot during visiting hours. According to WSPA, she was still being held at the Union County jail on Monday morning.

In its report on the incident, People Magazine pointed to the tradition of using Bibles as a method of concealing items in prison, such as in the famous film Shawshank Redemption where one of the characters hides his digging tool in the holy book.

Ryans has been charged with furnishing a prisoner with drugs.

Details on the bond for Ryans have not been reported.

Sources: WSPA, Fox Carolina, Huffington Post, People Magazine/ photo credit: WSPA


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