Woman Accused Of Setting Dog On Fire Goes Free


A woman from St. Louis, Missouri, who was accused of setting a dog named Brownie on fire, will get off without even a trial. 

All charges were dropped against Adrienne Martin, who was accused of burning Brownie so badly the dog had to be euthanized, reports CBS St. Louis. Despite having only one suspect in the crime, the St. Louis Circuit Attorney determined the only witness to the act had credibility issues. 

"Any time a case is dismissed by the prosecutor before the jury is sworn, they can re-present," said Martin's attorney, Philip Dennis. "However, under these circumstances, since the witness says he saw what went on, since he has creditability issues, it's kind of unlikely they'll re-present."

But Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce denies this is the reason the case was dropped and said they had a strong witness, but that the person refused to cooperate with the investigation, reports KTVI. "We could have a million police officers but if we don't have one witness we can't hold anyone accountable."

A woman who claimed she was Martin's family member said it wasn't possible for the woman to have committed the abuse because she wasn't home at the time. Joyce says she doesn't believe that is true and that Martin posted messages on her Facebook page saying "killa mode...#killdogsdot.com...today."

Sources: CBS St. Louis, KTVI

Photo Credit: CBS St. Louis


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