Woman Accused of Robbing Man on Their First Date at Arby's


Jeffrey Mack was allegedly robbed by Heather Hegre on their first (and last) date at an Arby's restaurant in Wilsonville, Oregon, on Monday night

The couple originally met on MeetMe.com, had a pleasant online conversation and agreed to meet in the Arby's parking lot around 10 p.m.

When she arrived, Hegre got into Mack's car and asked him to buy her a milkshake.

The couple went through the drive-thru, Mack paid for the drink and got two dollars in change.

However, after Mack placed his wallet with the two dollars on his car's console, Hegre allegedly grabbed the wallet, jumped out of the car and ran to a nearby parking lot, Wilsonville Police Department spokesman Sgt. Dan Kraus told The Oregonian.

Mack called 911 and gave the cops Hegre's cell phone number.

A Wilsonville police officer called the number and set up a meeting at the same Arby's at 1:45 a.m. on Tuesday.

Hegre showed up and was arrested.

When her minivan was searched, police reportedly found hash oil, marijuana pipes, hypodermic needles, some possible methamphetamine pills and Mack's wallet.

"The two $1 bills were still in the wallet," added Sgt. Kraus. "That was all the money he had. It will not go down as a good first date, but at least he got his wallet and his $2 back."

According to the Daily Mail, Hegre was booked into the Clackamas County Jail on charges related to the wallet theft and drug possession.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Oregonian (Image Credit: Wilsonville Police Department Media Handout)


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