Woman Accused Of Leaving Baby In Hot Car At Grocery Store


An Arizona woman was charged with felony child abuse after reportedly leaving her baby in a hot car while she shopped at a Whole Foods grocery store.

Suhaylah Shamisddeen, a 26-year-old Phoenix-based mother, was arrested after a fellow shopper spotted her 2-month-old baby alone and crying in the car and called the police. When police arrived, an officer pushed a partially open window down, unlocked the door and removed the child.

Shamisddeen told police after being taken into custody that she intended to go into the store for a brief moment to buy formula, and reportedly left her child in a car seat with a blanket to “protect him from the heat.” The car seat inside the vehicle was reportedly 151 degrees at the time that the baby was removed, and the car was not parked in a shaded area.

“I made a horrible decision to get my child some infant formula and leave him in the vehicle as I was coming directly back to the vehicle.. I love my child to death and I'm a full time student.. I just want to get this situation taken care of because it's totally blown out of proportion and although I do understand that I made a bad decision, I don't think that I committed child abuse at all sir,” she said.

Shamisddeen was arrested and later released. A court hearing was subsequently set for May 12th. 

Sources: My Fox Philly, AZ Central

Photo Credit: myfoxphilly.com


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