North Dakota woman Reanne Rose Pederson is accused of killing her baby by snorting hydrocodone and breastfeeding the child. According to prosecutors in Cass County, North Dakota, Pederson is charged with one count of negligent homicide.

Pederson admits she fell asleep after snorting hydrocodone and breastfeeding her five-day-old son in June. When she woke up an hour-and-a-half later, the baby, Avery, was unresponsive. She rushed Avery to the hospital, but he died one day later.

Pederson admits to doing drugs during and after her pregnancy, but denies that her drug use killed Avery. She believes she smothered the child after passing out and prevented him from breathing.

A West Fargo, North Dakota, detective spoke with a doctor who said it’s entirely possible Pederson introduced hydrocodone into her son’s system via breastfeeding. It is not known if a toxicology report was performed on the child after his death.

Pederson’s ability to convince prosecutors of her innocence will be hindered by her littered past. A witness told police recently that Pederson used methamphetamine just days before giving birth to Avery.

Pederson posted $5,000 bail this week after being charged. Her negligent homicide charge is a Class C felony. She faces an additional misdemeanor charge for ingesting methamphetamine.

Sources: WDAY, NY Daily News

Photo credit: NY Daily News via Facebook


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