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Woman Accused Of Killing Ex-Boyfriend's Puppy In 300-Degree Oven

A Champaign, Illinois, woman allegedly killed her ex-boyfriend’s 3-month-old pit bull by putting it into a 300-degree oven.

Kinny Redmon, 24, was arrested and charged with animal torture and aggravated cruelty to animals, both of which are felonies, reports Inquisitr.

Redmon and the 31-year-old owner of the puppy previously dated and have one child together.

The ex-boyfriend reportedly allowed Redmon to stay at his home following the breakup. They had an argument Wednesday evening and she was not home Thursday morning when he left for work.

The man reportedly received a call at work from a woman believed to be Redmon that morning originating from a public phone in the emergency department of Carle Foundation Hospital.

“Go get yo’ puppy out the oven, (expletive),” the woman said before hanging up the phone.

Redmon does not have a cell phone and uses public phones to make calls, according to the man. He missed three calls prior to the one where the woman spoke about his dog being in the oven.

When the man returned home, The News-Gazette reports, there was an overwhelming stench coming from the house. The man found the puppy dead in the oven. A chair had been pushed up against the oven door so the dog could not escape.

Police Officer Jeff Steinberg went to retrieve surveillance footage from the hospital and found Redmon outside the emergency room area. He arrested her around 4:50 a.m. on an outstanding warrant in a misdemeanor case.

Redmon has refused to speak to police about the dog.

Her bond has been set at $250,000 and she is to have no contact with her ex-boyfriend or his house.

The couple’s child is currently under the care of relatives and the Department of Children and Family Services have opened an investigation.

The ex-boyfriend told police Redmon suffers from mental issues.

Sources: Inquisitr, The News-Gazette

Photo Credit: The News-Gazette


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