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Woman Accused Of Cutting Off Breast, Toe Of Corpse To Stand Trial

Shaynna Sims, 27, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, will stand trial for allegedly slashing and removing body parts from the corpse of her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend during a funeral viewing.

Sims pleaded not guilty to felony charges including unauthorized removal of body parts from a body, larceny, knowingly concealing or receiving stolen property, and first-degree burglary, reports ABC 13. Special Judge David C. Youll found after a preliminary hearing that prosecutors have enough evidence for the case to go to trial and that Sims is competent to stand trial.

At the funeral viewing on April 30, witnesses say they saw Sims reach into the casket. The dead woman’s face was found slashed, her makeup smeared, and her hair on the floor.

"She had makeup and lipstick smeared all over her face; her hair was just all over the place," the victim's mother, Charlotte Wheeler, testified previously.

Lawrence Hutchings, a security and maintenance manager at the funeral parlor, testified that the victim’s breast and a toe had been removed.

Hutchings said the body parts have not been located.

Sims was arrested at the victim’s apartment after the viewing, The Daily Mail reports.

According to police, she was carrying a knife with the victim’s hair on it. 

Sources: The Daily Mail, ABC 13 / Photo credit: ABC 13


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