Woman Accused of Aiming Gun at Boy for Playing Clarinet

Cheryl Pifer was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly pointing a rifle at several kids in a nearby backyard because she was upset over a boy, 11, who was playing a clarinet.

According to the Associated Press, Mesa County Sheriff's deputies believe that Pifer, 60, may have consumed alcohol before the incident.

The Smoking Gun reports the boy told deputies that Pifer told him, "Get your ass back inside."

The boy said that he explained to Pifer how the clarinet practice “was his homework and he couldn’t [go] inside because the baby was sleeping.”

The Daily Sentinel notes that Pifer allegedly yelled, "Fire in the hole!" and aimed a gun at the boy and six other kids in the backyard.

The children say they quickly ran away.

The deputies' report stated, “The gun was unloaded but had two rounds in the magazine.”

Pifer was booked into the Mesa County Jail and charged with menacing, child abuse, and prohibited use of a weapon.

Sources: Associated Press, The Daily Sentinel, The Smoking Gun (Image Credit: Mesa County Sheriff’s Office Media Handout)


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