Woman Accidently Shoots Herself in the Face While Trying to "Make a Point"


A 51 year-old woman from Fremont Township, Mich., accidently shot herself in the face during an argument in her own home, M Live reports.

The incident occurred yesterday when the woman slammed the butt end of the gun on the ground while trying to "make a point" during an argument. The gun discharged unexpectedly, shooting her in the face. This is according to the woman's own statement to the police.

Emergency helicopter service FlightCare took the victim to St. Mary's hospital, where she is currently being treated. At this point, she is expected to recover, according to police.

Local news source M Live has stated that the incident was handled by the Tuscola County Sheriff's Department, and that "the Mayville Police Department, the Mayville Fire Department and a Mobile Medical Response ambulance crew and Mayville ambulance crew assisted the sheriff's department."

Let this be a lesson to those of us with guns in our homes: always keep the safety on!


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