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Woman Accidentally Snaps Husband's Penis In Online Shopping Frenzy

A woman accidentally snapped her husband's penis when she rolled off of him during sex to do some online shopping.

The woman, from Chongqing in China's southwestern Sichuan province, had previously set a phone alarm to rouse her at midnight on Nov. 11 to partake in Singles' Day, the biggest online shopping event in the world, according to the Shanghaiist.

The alarm sounded while she was in the middle of having sex with her husband. Not wanting to miss out on top deals, the woman quickly jumped off her husband in a frenzy to get online and make some purchases.

She knew that something was wrong when he cried out in excruciating pain. They both checked him for any signs of injury, but thought everything looked normal and wrongly believed he was fine.

The next morning, his penis had turned purple and become swollen, so the couple rushed to the hospital. Doctors examined the man and determined that his corpora cavernosa had ruptured.

In other words, his penis broke.

Fortunately, the man underwent a fairly simple operation to mend the ruptured organ. Doctors said that he would not suffer any permanent damage.

Thanks to voracious bargain hunters like this man's overzealous wife, companies raked in tons of profits for Singles' Day this year, reported the Shanghaiist. E-commerce firm Alibaba earned $1 billion in the first eight minutes of the holiday alone. In the full 24 hours, the company earned $14.3 billion in sales, breaking all previous records.

Earlier this year, a man's taxi ride went south when he shared a taxi scooter seat with two others in Guangdong, China, and decided to pull out his phone and watch adult videos to make his commute go by faster, reported Tomo News.

Unfortunately, the driver hit a bump, sending the aroused passenger flying off the scooter. He hit the ground and ruptured his penis.

Since penises don't actually have any bones inside, a "broken" member means that the erectile tissues crush, causing severe bruising, according to Tomo News.

Sources: Shanghaiist, Tomo News / Photo credit: Liz Lawley/Wikimedia Commons

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