Woman, 70, Fights Off Rapist With Knife (Video)


Alice Dunn, 70, claims that she was woken up on Wednesday morning by a man who tried to rape her.

She was asleep in a reclining chair in the living room of her Englewood, Fla. home when the alleged rapist put his hands over her mouth (video below).

"He came to rape me," Dunn told WCSH 6. "He turned to me and he held me over my mouth and then he grabbed me and said, 'Get in the bedroom.'"

Dunn slid off the recliner during a struggle and when she tried to get back up, the alleged rapist tried to help her. He relaxed his grip just long enough for her to grab a knife that she had hidden nearby because of a robbery earlier in the week.

"So I started stabbing him, but I just couldn’t get it in far enough," recalled Dunn. "I really just wanted to get it in, get it in there, and twist, twist, and twist it.”

The alleged rapist ran out of her home, but left a trail of blood, which police later followed.

They tracked the blood drops to a house down the street owned by David Szakalos, who was asked to lift up his shirt by police, reports WPTV.

That's when the officers saw two bandages on Szakalos and arrested him for battery of an elderly person and an officer because he reportedly resisted arrest.

“I don’t even know what I’m going to do,” added Dunn. “I want to keep the house open, I don’t want to run the air conditioner, but what can I do? I’m really afraid.”

Sources: WCSH 6 and WPTV


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