Chicago Police 'Accidentally' Shoot And Kill 55-Year-Old Woman


During a domestic disturbance call, a Chicago police officer accidentally shot and killed a 55-year-old mother of five, according to police.

Quintonio LeGrier, the 19-year-old upstairs neighbor of slain Bettie Jones, was also killed. It was LeGrier who prompted the call to police.

“We got a check the well being at 4710 West Erie, 4710 West Erie,” the 911 dispatcher told officers, according to Heavy. “The male caller said someone is threatening his life. It’s also coming in as a domestic. The 19-year-old son is banging on his bedroom door with a baseball bat.”

LeGrier was reportedly the young man with the baseball bat.

Latesha Jones, Bettie's daughter, told the Chicago Sun-Times that her mother was shot after opening the door to their apartment building when police arrived, Heavy reported. She found her mother bleeding from the neck.

The Chicago Police Department said in a statement that officers “were confronted by a combative subject resulting in the discharging of the officer’s weapon … The 55-year-old female victim was accidentally struck and tragically killed,” according to FOX News.

The department added that it extends “deepest condolences to the victim’s family and friends."

The shooting occurred in the early morning hours of Dec. 26. Bettie, a mother of five, and LeGrier, a college student home for the holidays, died within an hour of being shot. Both victims were black.

The name of the officer responsible for their deaths has not been released. The department said the officers involved will be placed on administrative duties, FOX News reported.

Quintonio LeGrier’s father, Antonio LeGrier, told the Sun-Times that the officer who shot his son was about 30 feet away, Heavy reported.

“In my opinion, he knew he had messed up,” Antonio said about the unnamed officer. “It was senseless. He knew he had shot, blindly, reckless into the doorway and now two people are dead because of it.”

Police reportedly told Quintonio's mother that her son had been shot seven times.

“At this point, we are confronted with a series of unanswered and deeply troubling questions,” Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin said in a statement, according to Heavy. “Why did the officers on the scene need to resort to the use of their firearms to subdue a young man with a bat? Why weren’t the officers equipped with tasers so that Quintonio could be subdued without lethal force? How, during an officer response, did a 55-year-old mother of five come to be struck dead by bullets?”

The Chicago Police Department is currently under a federal civil rights investigation that is looking into patterns of racial disparity in the use of force. The investigation was launched after a white officer, Jason Van Dyke, was seen on dash cam video shooting black 17-year-old Laquan McDonald 16 times in 2014.

Sources: FOX News, Heavy / Photo credit: Facebook via Heavy

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