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Woman Posts Courthouse Sex Act Video

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A Florida woman posted a 34-second video to Twitter on Jan. 31 in which she performed oral sex on a man in the hallway of a Jacksonville, Florida, courthouse. The woman, Brittney Jones, claimed the video would lead a judge to drop the charges she was facing.

"Had so much fun at court today. Found a way to get my charges dropped... Ssssssh don't tell," Jones says in the video, notes the Daily Mail. She was facing "charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, smuggling contraband into jail and violation of probation."

"I was working on my yard (and) I received several calls and texts that I needed to go to the news website and look up some courtroom," Jones' father, David, told WJXT. "When I went on and saw my daughter, I was shocked -- very, very shocked. ... My mom's hurt. My grandmother's hurt. We are all hurt because we love (her). And we are trying to express how much we love her, but I think there is a wall up. I think she is hurt from the past."

"I would hate for him to turn on TV and see his mom," Brittney's grandmother added of Brittney's son. "That’s very very upsetting to me. That’s what’s worrying me a lot this afternoon."

According to the Daily Mail, it is unclear whether the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office will press charges for the lewd act against Brittney or the man in the video. However, the office is investigating.

On Feb. 2, two days after the video was posted, Brittney wrote to the news agencies on her personal Facebook page. "To all the news channels following me on Facebook. I know for a fact you're reading this, so I will let all of [you] know; I will only do a interview with the highest bidder. Shoot me a price."

Sources: Daily Mail, WJXT / Photo credit: Brittney Jones/Twitter via Daily Mail  

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