Woman, 12 Weeks Pregnant, Charged with Endangerment of Unborn Child

Casey Allen was recently charged with felony criminal endangerment of her unborn child by allegedly using illegal drugs in Ravalli County, Mont.

Allen, who is 12 weeks pregnant, tested positive for benzodiazapines, THC, and opiates on Aug. 26, according to court papers.

RavalliRepublic.com reports that Allen has been charged with numerous crimes times since Sept. 2013, including: felony theft, felony possession of methamphetamine, obstructing justice, and felony possession of hash oil and opiates.

“The reality for some of these women is the need for drugs is stronger than any maternal instinct they have,” Thorin Geist, the Ravalli County deputy attorney, told RavalliRepublic.com.

More states are applying child endangerment laws to unborn children.

ABCNews4.com reported in April that Amanda Johnson was charged in Alabama with a felony of "chemical endangerment" after she allegedly tested positive for meth and amphetamine drugs.

Johnson, who was almost four months pregnant at the time, had to undergo court-ordered drug screenings.

Sources: RavalliRepublic.com, ABCNews4.com (Image Credit: Ⅿeagan)


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