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Trayvon Martin Was Playing ‘Knockout’ Game When George Zimmerman Shot Him, Says WND

Trayvon Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, wants her son to be remembered as a positive symbol with Martin Luther King Jr. Day approaching. But there are others who are choosing to remember the slain 17-year-old as a “’knockout’ game king.”

World Net Daily writer Jack Cashill linked Martin to the so-called game Thursday and alleged he was playing the game against George Zimmerman on the night Zimmerman shot him to death:

“Even when local TV stations cover the [knockout game] incidents… they are careful to avoid even hinting at a racial motive. The media’s collective failure to acknowledge the racial nature of the Knockout Game enable them to turn would be knockout king Trayvon Martin into a martyr and his victim, George Zimmerman, into a racist vigilante.”

Cashill went on to say Martin’s alleged knockout attack on Zimmerman was an anti-gay hate crime.

“In sum, Martin saw Zimmerman not as the hulking vigilante the media did but as a vulnerable, possibly gay white man nearly half-a-foot smaller than he,” he wrote.

People have been participating in the so-called game throughout the country, where they punch and beat strangers at random. Cashill argued that by the time Martin was shot by Zimmerman in February 2012, the game was already an ongoing trend.

“The Knockout Game was a well-established phenomenon among young black males, especially troubled ones like Martin, the product of a broken home and a broken culture. Martin’s assault on Zimmerman fit an obvious pattern,” Cashill wrote.

Cashill, a staunch supporter of Zimmerman, has compared him to Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa, and calling him “the least racist person in the state of Florida.”

Martin’s mother made an appearance at the University of Utah Thursday to discuss racial profiling.

“What happened many miles away in Sanford should be uncomfortable for you. But is it the hoodie that really made the difference? Or the color of his skin? And if by one second, just by one mere second, we think that it’s the color of his skin, then something is wrong with America,” she told a crowd of hundreds at the Martin Luther King Week event at the University.

As for Zimmerman, the 30-year-old self-proclaimed neighborhood watchman has run into a slew of trouble since being acquitted of Martin’s murder in July 2013. He has divorced his wife Shelly and had the cops called on him by his new girlfriend. He now claims to be suing NBC for defamation, blaming much of his current trouble on the media.

Sources: UPI, Insquisitr, World Net Daily, Right Wing Watch


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