Wives Beat Woman For Affairs With Husbands (Video)


It's a scene reminiscent of "The Jerry Springer Show," except it happened on the streets of a village in Crimea, Russia (video below).

It was reported on the Russian station Ren.tv, with the basic facts translated by the Daily Mail.

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The incident was captured on video, so everyone with an internet connection can enjoy the spectacle of a bikini-clad homewrecker being beaten up by two angry wives.

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The two women administering the beat-down were apparently mad at woman in the bikini for having sex with their husbands. There’s a lot of kicking and yelling in Russian, so it’s hard to know the exact details of the controversy, but the official story fits the action on the screen.

As with a Jerry Springer episode, onlookers to the spectacle served as the audience.

Sources: Daily Mail, Ren.tv / Photo credit: YouTube

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