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Witness Says Unarmed Man Had Hands Up Before Wichita Cop Killed Him (Video)

John Quintero was fatally shot by police in Wichita, Kansas, last Saturday night.

Quintero's family members called 911 because the 23-year-old man had allegedly threatened them with a knife.

When police arrived at the home, Quintero was sitting in a SUV outside the house with his father. Officers ordered the father and son out of the vehicle, but what happened next is not clear.

Wichita Police Chief Nelson Mosley claimed that Quintero was "belligerent and confrontation with the officers."

However, some witnesses are giving a different story.

"They said that he was threatening the officers, I don't believe he was," neighbor Ted McAdams told KAKE (video below). "He was trying to talk to the male officer, you know, with compliance."

The Wichita police say the male officer used his Taser on the non-compliant Quintero, but McAdams said, "[Quintero] had his arms up until he got tased, his arms went down to his side."

Wichita police claimed that Quintero reached towards his waistband, but McAdams says he never saw that happen.

A female officer then fired at Quintero with a rifle twice.

"If he was told to do something, yeah, he should've done it, but also that officer had, to my suggestion, she shouldn't never shot him," stated McAdams. "All the neighbors and I kinda threw a little fit toward the cops because I've got a wife and a newborn, the safety issue and not just that, just the way the cops handled themselves."

Alina Quintero, who is the cousin of the slain man, was also critical of police.

“They got out of the vehicle ready to kill,” Alina told The Wichita Eagle. “One fact is, police shot an unarmed man.”

The police have said that no weapons were found on or near Quintero.

Alina claims that police handcuffed her cousin "like they didn’t care if he was bleeding to death, that he was nothing. They treated him like he was not a human being. My aunt had to call the ambulance to make sure they got there fast.”

In response, Wichita police spokesman Lt. James Espinoza said, “Our thoughts are with the family over this incident, but at this time we are not going to comment in regards to this investigation.”

Walt Chappell, vice chairman of Wichita's Racial Profiling Advisory Board, claimed that the police “made a conscious decision to escalate rather than de-escalate.”

“You don’t go in ready to shoot first and ask questions later," added Chappell. "There’s a lot of things you can do before you ever pull out a weapon.”

Sources: The Wichita Eagle, KAKE
Image Credit: KAKE Screenshot


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