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Witness Of Michael Brown Shooting Detained By Police On Drug Charges

Dorian Johnson, a Ferguson man who witnessed the fatal shooting of his friend, 18-year-old Michael Brown, by a police officer last August, was arrested by police Wednesday.

Johnson was detained, along with his two brothers, after the police were informed that they could have been armed. However, an anonymous police source suggested the reason for his arrest was suspicion of drug possession, according to

Police confronted the three men Wednesday afternoon. Johnson allegedly threw some cough medicine onto the ground as officers approached. It was later found to have traces of an illegal narcotic.

One of his brothers was detained on a separate warrant related to an armed robbery, according to the Daily Mail.

The police source also suggested that Johnson resisted arrest and sought to interfere with officers as his companions were arrested.

Just a day earlier, Johnson announced that he was suing the City of Ferguson, former police chief Thomas Jackson and former police officer Darren Wilson over the events of Aug. 9, 2014. Wilson is the officer who shot Brown.

Johnson is reportedly claiming that he was left feeling emotionally distressed following his encounter with Wilson. He is asking for at least $25,000 in damages.

Although Wilson was not charged for his part in killing Brown, he resigned after widespread criticism. Jackson was also forced out following a heavily critical report of police practices in Ferguson.

Brown’s death was the trigger for widespread protests in cities across the country, driven by feelings of anger at police violence. The fact that Brown was black and Wilson a white police officer fueled feelings of police racism.

Police were expected to file charges against Johnson Thursday.

Sources: RTDaily Mail, St. Louis Post-Dispatch / Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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