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Witness Films NYPD Arresting Man for Filming Another Arrest (Video)

Dominic Johnson recently filmed NYPD officers making an arrest from several feet away in Brooklyn, N.Y.

There was a car between Johnson and the cops, however, a police officer approached Johnson and told him, "I'll give you two seconds to back up."

Another witness filmed the officer allegedly abusing Johnson and arresting him (video below), notes

"[The officer] could have avoided all that and just went in the car and drove off with his suspect," Walterio Neblett, an eyewitness, told WABC. "He didn't. He came and pursued it."

"He wasn't near him like that," added Neblett. "He was videotaping, so he wasn't near him. He had to come to Dominic for him to start something. Dominic didn't come to him. He didn't touch him, nothing. He came to Dominic and pushed Dominic."

"He still had his cell phone in his hand, never acted aggressively toward the officers," stated Johnson's attorney Pamela Roth.

Sources:, WABC


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