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Witness: Cops Wouldn't Stop Colorado Springs Gunman Before Shooting Because Of Open Carry Law (Video)

Before Noah Harpham killed three people during a shooting rampage in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on Oct. 31, one witness claims she called authorities about Harpham carrying a rifle in public.

Naomi Bettis, a neighbor of Harpham, told The Denver Post that she called 911, but the dispatcher told her there was nothing that they could do because of Colorado's open carry law.

"He did have a distraught look on his face," Bettis told the newspaper. "It looked like he had a rough couple days or so."

Moments later, Bettis watched in horror as Harpham killed a young man on a bicycle.

"I heard the [young man] say, 'Don't shoot me! Don't shoot me!'" Bettis recalled.

She then watched the 33-year-old gunman walk down a street and heard more gunfire.

Jennifer Vasquez and Christy Galella were reportedly killed by Harpham before he died in a shootout with police.

Authorities have not said what Harpham's motive was, but he posted a video (below) on YouTube on Oct. 29 about a pastor whom his dad had allegedly been following.

Harpham also wrote a long blog post entitled "Is my Dad in a Cult? Even Worse, Is It Satanic?!"

Rev. Benjamin Broadbent, of First Congregational Church, delivered a statement to The Gazette from Harpham's father and brother that said: "Words cannot express our heartfelt sympathies that go out to the families and friends of the victims. We ask for privacy as our family tries to deal with this tragedy."

Sources: The Denver Post, YouTube, The Gazette, / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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