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Witness Catches Frisky Couple Having Sex On A Motorcycle For The World To See

A motorcycling couple in India was caught celebrating some scenic highway views this week by…having sex.

Yes, really. An awestruck witness pulled out a camera and snapped a photo of the lusty couple having sex on their motorcycle as they rolled down the road. The man is sporting nothing but a t-shirt, and his companion is seen with her legs wrapped around him.

Sound too wild to be true? Here's the photo, courtesy of the New York Daily News:

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The photo was posted to Facebook by local politician Vishnu Surya Wagh. Wagh couldn’t help but note that the couple’s explicit display went on for entirely too long before the police intervened.

“Not a single policeman on the way to stop them,” Wagh wrote. “A passer-by happened to click this picture.”

The couple was eventually flagged down by the police and fined 1,000 rupees. 

Source: New York Daily News / Photo Credit: Vishnu Surya Wangh via the New York Daily News


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