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Wisconsin Woman Selina Boulton Allegedly Strangles Ex-Boyfriend's Dog to Death

Wisconsin woman Selina Boulton was charged with a misdemeanor of mistreating animals after she allegedly strangled her ex-boyfriend’s basset hound to death.

Boulton broke into her ex-boyfriend’s house on Nov. 14 through the window and began a heated argument with him. During their argument, she allegedly killed the dog.

The police found the dog dead on the floor of the home after it had died of respiratory failure, leading them to suspect that Boulton had strangled the animal. Court documents show that the dog had a collapsed lung, fractured ribs and a stab bound.

Police also noticed that the dog’s collar was cinched tightly to its neck and saw a frying pan lying nearby.

Boulton claimed that the 13-year-old dog had surpassed its life expectancy and complained that it had more rights than she had.

Boulton added that the dog had bit her when she entered the house, suggesting that its death was a result of self defense.

"She did not seem to have any remorse for the fact that the animal was now deceased," police said of Boulton.

Boulton’s ex-boyfriend has since written police and asked the attorney general to drop charges against Boulton. Instead, he claims the hound had a heart attack when Boulton climbed through the window.

Sources: NY Daily News, La Crosse Tribune


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