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Wisconsin Veteran In Hospital After He Offers Help To Woman, Children

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Wisconsin veteran Merlin Hoaglan is in the hospital after he reportedly attempted to help a stranger and instead got punched in the head.

According to West Allis police, Hoaglan reportedly offered to help a 33-year-old woman and her children push their broken down car down the street. At some point, the offer turned into a heated verbal exchange. Some witnesses claim that vulgar language was exchanged.

Suddenly, the woman’s boyfriend allegedly came from behind and struck the 66-year-old in the head. As a result, Hoaglan has a two-layer brain bleed and two hemorrhages in his head. He also has fractures in his face, according to Julie Hoaglan, the veteran's daughter.

Ms Hoagan added that she her father is currently in intensive care at Froedtert Hospital, but will be transferred to a VA hospital when he is stable, CBS News reports.

Though police have said they know who the attacker is, he hasn’t been arrested.

“My dad is laying in a bed unconscious, and this man gets to be free,” Ms Hoaglan told WISN.

She added that the entire family is upset about the inactivity surrounding the case.

“As family, we are going to pursue charges on the gentleman,” Ms Hoaglan said. “Sadly, it’s going to take longer than what we assumed. We thought it would be a done deal, and we could be done with it.”

The incident has been referred to the District Attorney’s Office for review and potential charges, according to West Allis police.

Sources: WISN, CBS News

Photo Credit: WISN


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