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Wisconsin Trailer Catches Fire With Man Inside, Neighbor's Dog Helps Save His Life

A 61-year-old man in Racine County, Wisconsin, suffered burns to his ears and throat when a fire broke out in his trailer on Saturday, but it could have been much worse for the man if a dog had not helped save his life.

Deputies and firefighters responded to the Kansasville trailer park where the man lived to find his trailer's porch completely engulfed in flames, with fire spreading into the trailer. 

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The owner was taken to a nearby hospital and later to a burn unit, suffering burns to both ears and to his throat.

Samuel Slaasted, a neighbor, said that he let his dog outside and the dog started barking loudly. Slaasted went outside to calm his dog down, but he started moving towards the trailer and howling.

"Once he started howling I could see flames coming through the window," Slaasted said.

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Slaasted said that as soon as he saw the flames, he ran to his neighbor's trailer to help get the man out. 

Another neighbor, Jay Demant, also ran over to assist.

"I heard the dog barking so I ran over there," he said.

Slaasted said that the flames were over 20 feet in the air.

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The fire department arrived soon after the man was removed from his trailer.

“Just seeing how quickly they responded and it was just amazing. I mean, thank you to the fire department for saving this community because it could have jumped,” another neighbor, Patti Sikorowski, said.

The trailer was completely lost to the fire, but thanks to some brave neighbors and Slaasted's dog, the man's life was saved.

Sources: Fox 6, YouTube / Photo Credit: Fox 6


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