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Wisconsin Right-to-Carry Gun Law Takes Effect

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139 years ago in a short-sighted miscarriage of justice, the right of law-abiding Wisconsin citizens to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense was stripped away.  After more than a decade-long struggle to secure the Right-to-Carry in the Badger State, residents will be submitting their applications beginning today and within a few days the first Concealed Carry permits will be issued.

The battle to secure Right-to-Carry has been a long and difficult one that has often been fraught with frustrations and disappointments.  However, the determination and will of the National Rifle Association and its members throughout the Badger State have remained steadfast on this critical issue.  NRA members attended seminars and worked to elect pro-gun legislators while removing anti-gun elected officials from office.  NRA members contacted their legislators and educated their fellow citizens regarding the importance of Right-to-Carry and the facts associated with it.  Today, that hard work will usher in a new chapter in Wisconsin’s history as the Personal Protection Act takes effect.

Residents and visitors will now finally be provided the right to defend themselves from violent criminals by the carrying of a concealed handgun, if they so choose.  No longer will law-abiding residents of Wisconsin be left unarmed against criminals who would do them or their families harm.

This victory in this fight is a testament to the never-ending dedication of the NRA membership and volunteers, along with the legislators who have championed our freedoms in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

For more information on how to get your Wisconsin Concealed Carry Permit, please visit this webpage created by the Wisconsin Department of Justice.


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