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Wisconsin Police Tackle, Arrest Damon Terrell For Photographing Protest (Video)

Damon Terrell, a photographer and activist, was arrested in the Wisconsin Capitol rotunda today where he was taking pictures of the daily “Solidarity Sing Along” demonstration.

Terrell can be heard on video (below) saying, “This is not illegal,” as police surround and tackle him to the floor. Police pinned Terrell by the back of the neck during the arrest, noted the Wisconsin-Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

After being pinned down on the marble floor by police, Terrell was charged with felony battery and resisting arrest. His brother Christopher Terrell was arrested for participating in the singalong protest.

"Both individuals refused to leave and actively resisted officers when they were placed under arrest. When officers began to arrest Damon Terrell, he began to walk away and actively resisted arrest," said Stephanie Marquis, a spokesperson for the Department of Administration.

The Solidarity Sing Along protests began during the 2011 budget protests. A judge ruled in July that groups of more than 20 people must have a permit to assemble and protest inside the Wisconsin Capitol.

Source: Wisconsin-Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


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