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Wisconsin Parents Demand Answers After 3-Month-Old Son Dies On Baby Sitter's Watch

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Wisconsin parents Jonathan and Denise McCoy are demanding answers from their son’s baby sitter, after the 3-month-old died while she was supposed to be watching him on June 29.

According to the baby sitter, she put young Payton to sleep on a bed and when she returned to check on him an hour later, she found him unresponsive. She then called 911, performed CPR and alerted the McCoy family.

Denise, who had been at work after just returning from maternity leave, hurried home immediately after receiving the call and found her son wasn’t breathing, reports Fox 6 News. His heart had also stopped.

“For 35 minutes they tried to get him back and they couldn’t,” Denise said.

According to police reports, there is evidence of suffocation and contusion to Payton’s head. As a result, Denise insisted the sleeping environment wasn’t safe for her son.

Currently, the McCoys are waiting on an autopsy to complete the investigation into Payton’s death, reports E Kids News. While they wait for a conclusion, they say the support they’ve received has helped with their grieving.

Thousands of dollars have been contributed to a GoFundMe account created in Payton’s honor. The money will help pay for the boy’s funeral and burial expenses.

Jonathan says he and his wife intend to honor his son through their memories.

“Just remembering that smile, looking at his pictures, the laugh,” he said. “So strong. He was born four-and-a-half weeks early. He came out fighting.”

Jonathan insisted that Payton would want them to be strong, like he was.

The McCoys found their baby sitter through and ran a thorough background check. She had a clean history and had been caring for children for 10 years.

Sources: Fox 6 News, E Kids News

Photo Credit: McCoy Family via E Kids News 


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