Wisconsin Mother Upset About Political Party Labels From High School Quiz

A mother from Wisconsin is upset about a school assignment that reportedly described Republicans using negative wording. Her son is a junior at Nathan Hale High School in West Allis, Wisconsin.

The assignment in question required students to describe a range of political views ranging from communist to fascist.

Her son is in a United States government and politics class. The assignment listed multiple quotes and required students to choose which party would most agree with each statement.

The first example read, “We should not help the poor, it’s a waste of money.” The mother said he chose "fascist" because he could not imagine any other answer being correct. However, the teacher marked it incorrect and listed "conservative/republican" as the right answer.

His mother told FoxNews.com: “I picked my son up from school on Thursday and asked him what was wrong and he brought up that quote. He asked, ‘Mom, where would you say this went on the political spectrum?’”

She explained that she did not think there was a party that followed or agreed with that quote. She explained: “Once we got home, I looked at the work sheet and saw that his answer was marked wrong. The teacher had put the correct answer in the margin and marked it conservative.”

The mother claims she called the superintendent of the school district. The district released a press release Monday morning regarding the issue.

It said students were, “required to take a political spectrum quiz, which is not a quiz in the traditional sense with right or wrong answers; instead, the quiz asks survey questions. The answers to the questions place students on the political spectrum. While the survey is completed online, no personal information is entered, including name, login, and student number.”

It was not meant to determine the students’ political beliefs. The district said the spectrum quiz would not be used again.

Sources: Fox News, IJReview / Photo Sources: Fox News, Elfboy/Flickr


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