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Wisconsin Mom Shocked To Find Mold Inside Son's Juice Box

A Wisconsin mom was shocked to discover that the PediaSure drink she was trying to feed to her five-year-old autistic son was half covered in mold.

Suzanne Hogue says that she gave her young son Nathan the juice box to drink from, but knew something was wrong right after she poured it in his cup.

“He can’t talk, so he had no way to tell me,” said Hogue to Fox 6 News. “I poked a hole in the juice box and I poured it into his cup for him to drink and poured half the juice box in and everything looked normal.”

After pouring half the drink into the cup and allowing her son to drink it, Hogue was horrified to see that the rest of the container contained a good amount of mold.

“It took up half of the juice box and at that point it was brown, black, green,” described Hogue. “I didn`t even know what I was looking at at first. I was so shocked when I opened it up. I had no idea what it was. It was so repulsive and it had an odor. It is so hard as a mother to see that because your child has already drank half of the juice box and you see what`s in there and it breaks your heart to know that he drank it.”

Experts say that while this is disturbing, this can happen to any packaged product if it is exposed to air, and in this case, as well as many other reported cases of moldy juice boxes, the container itself likely had a slight hole.

“The thing that was scary was they told me it could take up to a week for him to get sick, so for the next week I would watch him like a hawk,” said Hogue. “Before this happened, I didn`t pay that much of attention to the boxes because I never thought something like that could happen until it actually did.”

Needless to say, Hogue will be paying more attention to what she gives her child to drink and eat from now on, and hopefully, PediaSure and other companies that use boxes will reconsider their packaging options.


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