Wisconsin Man Dylan Grall Punches Hebrew Speakers For Speaking Spanish, Busted For Hate Crime

There’s a special place in the Stupidity Hall of Fame for idiots like Dylan Grall — at least if he committed the incredibly obnoxious crime he’s being charged with.

According to police reports, the 23-year-old Janesville, Wisc., man was on the 200 block of North Henry Street in Madison when he heard two men chatting in a language that he did not understand. The time was around 2:19 a.m.

For some reason, this deeply offended Grall. He confronted the two men and demanded that they speak English, showering them with profanities.

Then he attacked.

Grall (pictured) allegedly punched both men, knocking one to the ground and giving the other a nasty black eye. Why? He told police that he thought they were speaking Spanish.

Actually the two men were speaking Hebrew.

Hebrew is the language spoken in Israel. Spanish is the native language of Spain, as well as Latin American countries such as Mexico. Apparently Grall was not acquainted with these facts.

Grall was charged with battery and two counts of hate crime, though apparently he’s not sure who he hates, exactly. Just people who don’t speak English, it would seem.

He denied to police that he assaulted the two Hebrew speakers, though Grall did admit that he tried ordering them to speak English. Witnesses contradicted his denial of attacking the men physically.

Sources: Channel 3000, Madison.com


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