Wisconsin Father Arrested For Felony Child Abuse (Photo)


Police arrested a Wisconsin man Wednesday for using a dog’s shock collar on his young daughter.

Zachary Kacmar, 28, was charged with felony physical child abuse on Thursday, after his wife reported the incident to authorities and took a photo of the marks around her 7-year-old daughter’s neck, according to the Sheboygan Press Media.

Kacmar’s wife said she was not present on Aug. 30 at the time her daughter was abused, but her daughter told her about what happened afterwards. Following a talk with her pastor, the mother chose to tell police about her husband’s actions, according to KARE 11.

Kacmar told authorities that he shocked his child with the collar, but that he was surprised the collar had an effect on her and hurt her.

If he is found guilty, the Sheboygan man could serve up to three years in prison.

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Source: KARE 11, Sheboygan Press Media


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