Wisconsin Man Arrested For Having Sex With Donkey In Barn


A Wisconsin man is facing charges after admitting to having sex with a donkey inside a barn where he worked — telling police that he went “crazy” and that his “privates were out of control.”

Gideon Swartzentruber was caught having intercourse with the animal by his boss, who then fired him.

20-year-old Swartzentruber told authorities that he was “horny” and “kind of touching” the female donkey before getting behind it and proceeding to have sex with it for “not more than a minute.”

“He said he got crazy and carried away,” a criminal complaint read. “He said he feels bad about it and said it was something that he shouldn’t have been doing.”

Swartzentruber was charged with a misdemeanor count of sexual gratification with an animal. The donkey was unharmed. 

Sources: Daily Mirror, New York Daily News / Photo credit: mirror.co.uk


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