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Matthew Skalitzky: Man Accused Of Beheading His Mother With Sword Is Mentally Ill

A Wisconsin man is accused of attacking and beheading his mother with a 4-foot long sword.

According to police, 40-year-old Matthew Skalitzky beheaded his mother, 68-year-old Jane Skalitzky, when she dropped him off at his townhouse on Sept. 11 after a family breakfast at his parents' home, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Matthew's father Joseph told police that Matthew seemed "anxious and agitated" during breakfast and told his mother around 11:30 a.m. that he wanted to be brought home after spending the night at his parents' house. His mother offered to drive him back, according to a warrant.

Matthew's roommate told police that when the two arrived, they went upstairs. Then, 10 to 15 minutes later, he heard "stomping noises" and ran upstairs. While he was halfway up the staircase, he said he heard Jane scream, "No, no, no."

When he got upstairs, he saw Matthew standing over his mother's decapitated body with a sword. He led Matthew downstairs "like a child" and called the police.

Officers asked Matthew if he killed his mother and he said, "Yes, but she's not my real mother." 

There is no indication that Skalitzky was adopted.

Skalitzky was taken into custody.

Joseph Skalitzky told police that Matthew recently stopped taking his prescribed medication after reading negative things about the drug online but supposedly started taking them again two days before killing his mother.

Matthew has since been transferred to a mental health facility.

Sources: Daily Mail, Chicago Tribune

Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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