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Special Delivery: Wisconsin Mailman Arrested for Nudity

It's cold in Wisconsin this time of year, but not too cold for one mailman who decided to make a delivery in the nude. Now he faces criminal charges for what he called a " stupid stunt" to cheer up a woman.

The 52-year-old mailman, whose name was not released, showed up at an office building in the Milwaukee suburb Whitefish Bay on December 4, took his clothes off, and made his rounds.

According to a police reprot, the man claimed it was all part of an attempt to cheer up a woman at the office who seemed "stressed out." He said he was trying to "make her laugh."

But the police were not amused, and they arrested him last week and charged him with lewd and lascivious behavior.

He also claimed the "stressed out" woman dared him to make his mail rounds in the buff. However, the woman denies that.

Though she told police she didn't think the mailman had any intention of harming her, she denied "daring him or encouraging him" to bare himself on his route.


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