Wisconsin-La Crosse Professor Rachel Slocum Blames Government Shutdown On Republicans and Tea Party In Email To Students

A college professor told her students via email that the government shutdown might not allow them to complete their homework assignment on time and she blamed Republicans and the Tea Party for the problem.

Rachel Slocum, an assistant professor at University of Wisconsin La Crosse, sent an email to students last week that reportedly stated, “some of the data gathering assignment will be impossible to complete until the Republican/tea party controlled House of Representatives agrees to fund the government,” according to The College Fix.

A school official told FoxNews.com the issue was addressed.

“It would be inappropriate to use partisan politics in a class, so we contacted the professor in question,” Chancellor Joe Gow stated. “We want to be sure our students feel that they can have a different opinion from others on campus. She (Slocum) can have a personal conversation with someone, but this e-mail was for an online class so the message is more in an official capacity.”

However, Slocum apparently wasn’t done with her email communications. Part of another email included the following, according to FoxNews.com.

“The e-mail I sent you all about the government shut down [sic] was not meant to be partisan, but it may have come across that way," Slocum wrote. "It is true that I am dismayed that you cannot easily do the assignment. My opinion is that this shutdown is a bad idea.”

Slocum also reportedly asked that her emails not be forwarded to others outside the class, including conservative blogs.

Sources: Fox News, The College Fix


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